Jaeden Lyth

February 27, 2021

I can’t recommend them enough truthfully. At the time of my viewing and application I was going through a very difficult time and had no income and was desperately trying to sort that while trying to secure the flat which I’m currently now in. I was staying with relatives overseas and trying to get this all done via emails and the few brief phone calls before I left and they were incredible the entire time. I felt like they worked with me through the process making sure I knew what I needed to do and send, sorting out deposits that would hold the property until I was not only back in the UK but also had my income sorted and giving assurance at a time I really had little else. Every agent I’ve had interactions with was been respectful, professional and above all friendly and that holds to this day. As a side note; they also managed to persuade the landlord to let me keep my cat. That may seem trivial but I can’t imagine how much harder the last couple of years would have been without having my tiny fluffy flatmate alongside, especially during lockdowns. Honestly lovely people.

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